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10:10 window

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wristwatch 本体:window002 ベルト:N001  

“TEN:TEN” was chosen as the brand name, since the symbol “:” that separates the hour and the minute is expressed by two “ten-ten “ marks, the Japanese word for “two dots”. Another factor was that product images of clocks used in brochures and advertisements usually show the time 10:10, the angle of which is considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing. The design theme of the first wristwatch is “air travel”. The gentle curve that runs from the oval bezel down to the offset glass surface was used to capture the “The window of an airplane”. The leather band can be easily removed and when it is exchanged with the separate strap supplied, the wristwatch can be attached to the luggage like a name tag. ※Details and colors of the images might be different from ones of real products

本体:約37×31×8.5mm ベルト幅:約18mm

本体:約37.5g ベルト:約10g

■ 平均月差:±20秒