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アイデアの素. vol.2

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01 “Ideas appear when you are taking a break.”
When forcing yourself to find a good idea, you become stressed and this tension affects you. Instead, try to unwind, take a deep breath and relax your body and mind. A relaxed mind will be more sensitive and able to recognize when it encounters an unexpected idea.

02 “Slightly shift your point of view.”
There is a delicate balance between “unique” and “too different”. A desirable idea is one that allows a slight deviation from our perception of “normal”; while at the same time maintain a sense of familiarity and comfort.

03 “Using both side of the brain will help you see clearly.”
You know you have a good idea in your hands when you are satisfying both sides of the brain; the right side with an imaginative and emotional originality while at the same time satisfying the left side with functional solutions and a full understanding of the story.

04 “The shadow is sometimes brighter than the light.”
Weaknesses and strengths co-exists. Though they are considered to be opposite elements, they are actually both a part of the same story. Confronting the shortcomings may reveal great opportunities.


カプセル(1個) 約φ73mm