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Pre-order Bloodborne x TORCH TORCH SILVER COLLECTION/ Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge

24,200엔 (US$194.81)
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ATTENTION: This is a pre-order product. This item cannot be purchased at the same time as other products. If you wish to order other products, please order them separately.

  • Material:Pendant / Crystal, Silver 925, Hook / Silver925, Chain / Brass
  • Size:Head full length:37mm, Chain:52cm
  • Sculpt:Masato Ohata

  • The Upper Cathedral Ward is an area players can reach only by using a secret key.
    Within lies the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge, bestowed on members of the Choir, elites of the Healing Church.
    Each pendant eye is made of crystal and has been carefully, individually cut by an artisan.
    The deeply mysterious, sparkling universe that dwells in the eye is expertly replicated by using special technology developed by CHINON CO., LTD.
    Through an amalgamation of traditional and modern technology, a piece of the game has traversed to our three-dimensional world.

    This piece was originally sculpted by the well-known artist Masato Ohata.
    The body and the clasp are made of silver 925, while the chain is made of brass.
    The clasp, which pays homage to the aesthetic of Bloodborne, has been created exclusively for this series.

    Holding this pendant in your hand and gazing into its alluring starscape is sure to leave anyone bedazzled. Take a look for yourself!

    In order to reproduce the feeling of the world of the work, rough finishes and scratches are intentionally applied.
    The colors and expressions of each piece are slightly different because they are handmade by craftsmen in Japan.
    (C)Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.