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DARK SOULS x TORCH TORCH/ Wolf Ring Size:Ladies' S

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Dark Souls(TM) & (C)BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. / (C)FromSoftware, Inc.

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  • Material:Silver 925, Brass, Peridot
  • Sculpt:Masato Ohata

  • SIZEJPUSUKCircumference
    Ladies' XS JP 7US 4UK H1/247.1mm
    Ladies' S JP 9US 5UK J49.2mm
    Ladies' M JP 11US 6UK L1/251.9mm
    Ladies' L JP 13US 6.5-7UK M1/253.7mm
    Ladies' XL JP 15US 7.5UK P55.5mm
    Men's S JP 17US 8.5UK Q57.6mm
    Men's M JP 19US 9.5UK S59.7mm
    Men's L JP 21US 10-10.5UK T-U61.7mm
    Men's XL JP 23US 11UK V1/263.9mm

    The Wolf Ring is an equippable item that makes appearances in both Dark Souls and Dark Souls III. Wearing it increases poise. Fans of the series like this ring for its usefulness during gameplay and also because of its connection to the very popular character Knight Artorias and his role in expanding the lore of the world.
    Knight Artorias served as one of the four knights of Gwyn. He was later called Artorias the Abysswalker. そAs Artorias was able to traverse the abyss, this ring has been transported from a different realm to find itself in ours. Not only is this a perfect replica in form, it also carries a feeling of authenticity that has been expertly crafted, as if hand cut by an artisan of a different age. Through a long and detailed process this ring, made of Silver 925, has been given a look and feel that portrays the age, weight, and somber atmosphere of the Wolf Ring and the world it came from. This ring was created with approval of From Software, making it a bona fide part of the Dark Souls world and carries with it the creativity of those who crafted that world.

    *Special, time consuming methods are used in the processing to faithfully reproduce the color and design of the “Hornet Ring” as closely as possible. Heavy use may cause some surface color to fade.
    *The rough finishing and scratching are intended to give it an authentic, realistic look.
    *All of the products are individually hand made in Japan by professional craftsmen, each item may not be the same and may have slight differences in color and details.

    Dark Souls(TM) & (C)BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. / (C)FromSoftware, Inc.