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Shibu-uchiwa Shoumaru Amabie

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This is a yōkai that appeared in the sea off the coast of Kumamoto during in 1846. She disappeared into the sea after saying,"If a pandemic hits, Draw my picture and show it to others." Fans are thought to have the power not onlyto fan people but also to exorcise evil spiritsand calamities. May the pandemic be erased from this earth. A Fan with persimmon astringency applied is called an astringent uchiwa. By applying persimmon astringency to the Fan, Japanese paper is made durable, long-lasting, and has an insect repellent effect. Light, durable and long-lasting lucky charm, it is useful as a gift or interior. * There are brown spots on the Fan, but this is the color of persimmon astringency. Product Description ・ Shoumaru is the shape of a fan ・ Size: 195 x 375mm ・ Material: Matake from Aso Sotowayama, handmade Japanese paper, homemade persimmon tannin