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Axxzia Venus Recipe Berry Eye (two one pack 860 mg *30)

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Support a clear day from the inside of the body! New habit of shining beauty.

Announcing a new beauty and health focused the supplicant from the inside from the specialist "AXXZIA" of Japanese health and beauty! Delicious is easy to continue, is a plant that cyanine content of the new habits of two tablets every day is said to be high stands out among the blueberries. Why do not you in addition to your eyes care life ※ 1? ※ 1 of lifestyle to address the daily eye original care of in cosmetics it. [Features 1] support the health of the two nutrition Features function display nutrients skin, mucous membrane [Features 2] to clean the support [Feature 3] taste is continued and eat ease of the three types of plant-derived extract is from the inside Good, it adopted a new texture of soft capsules, such as gummy! [3 species of plant-derived extract] - Bilberry: Bilberry is a wild species native to Northern Europe in the blueberry hundreds of species. The midnight sun of the season, in order to grow in an environment that must protect itself from the sun's ultraviolet rays for a long period of time, is a plant of a kind anthocyanin content of polyphenols, known as an anti-oxidizing component is said to be high stands out among the blueberries. Marie Gold derived from Lutein: Lutein and is, a kind of natural pigments with antioxidant power of carotenoids. The Beriai, has been compounded of lutein extracted from Indian marigold. - Aronia: Aronia is native to North America of berry rose family of plants. There are also sometimes referred to as a black choke berry. Includes blueberry well as a kind anthocyanins of polyphenols, known as an anti-oxidizing component, the content thereof is from the fact that as many as 23 times that of blueberries, has been attracting attention as a post Blue Berry. It has been formulated as bilberry complementary material.

Inner capacity:25.8 g (two one pack 860 mg *30)

Raw materials:Safflower oil, bilberry extract powder, erythritol, Aronia powder, marigold extract, elastin hydrolyzate / gelatin, glycerin, Komenukaro c, glycerin fatty acid esters, citric acid, sweeteners (aspartame · L-phenylalanine compound, xylitol, sucralose) , perfumes, Panteto phosphate calcium, caramel color, Haematococcus alga dye, biotin